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What if some products arrive damaged and I need replacements?

Please contact your Sales Representative or the Customer Service 085 - 486 4444, in case of damaged product(s).

Can I express ship my order?

Express shipping is not available. Orders processed before 11:00h, will be shipped the same day.

How do I make changes to my order?

We are sorry but once you have placed your order we cannot make any changes to it.

How do I unsubscribe from Kao Salon Partner?

If you no longer want to receive our exclusive offers and promotions then you can log in to your account and select the 'Contact Preferences' option to make this change.

Are my personal details safe if I create an account?

You can rest assured that shopping with Kao is safe. We’re fully compliant with the data protection act so we care about keeping your details secure. For further information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Who can register for the Kao Salon Partner?

Only Salons can register to Kao Salon Partner as we only distribute professional haircare products to Salons. If you are already a Kao customer with an existing customer number you can register and start to explore what Kao Salon offers.

What about my current terms & conditions?

Your terms & conditions remain the same for the online shop.

How will I know my goods have been dispatched?

Orders processed before 11:00h will be shipped the same day.

How can I track my order?

Order tracking is not supported at the moment.

What if I no longer require the order?

Dispatched orders can only be returned by our Sales Representative.

Can you ship all your products to all countries?

Kao subsidiaries do not support shipments to other countries.

How do I order samples?

Samples are only accommodated by your Sales Representative.

How are freight cost determined?

No freight cost are charged above € 200,-- net sales.

Can I access this website from a mobile device?

Kao Salon Partner is a multi-platform application, which can be accessed from any device.

How do I change my account details?

If you log in to the My Account you can process many changes. If the required options is not available, please contact customer service.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

The landing page of Kao Salon Partner shows the option "forgot password". After selecting this option a mail will be sent to the configured email address.

The item I ordered is out of stock. Why is it on the website?

Kao strives to have all materials in stock. Products expected to come in stock shortly, can be ordered as back order. Kao will dispatch them directly and with the same conditions, if back in stock.

Can I make changes to my basket?

Yes, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page and you will be able to see the item(s) you have in there so far. Here you can change the basket until the order is completely processed.

Can I place an order to a different address?

Unfortunately no customer is allowed to place an order to a different address.

How do I cancel my order?

Confirmed orders can only be cancelled/returned via your Sales Representative.

What do I do if I have ordered the wrong item?

Confirmed orders can only be cancelled/returned via your Sales Representative.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay your invoice via bank transfer or credit card.

How do I use a Promotion Code?

A Promotion Code can be applied in your shopping card, right before check out.

Why is my Promotion Code not working?

We are sorry to hear your code isn't working, you'll need to check that you are not trying to use more than one code per order and that your item isn't excluded. Customer Service can provide more information if needed.

What do I do if I have not received my order?

Please contact Customer Service.

What is your returns policy?

All returns will be handled by your Sales Representative.

How do I return an item?

Please contact your Sales Representative.

What happens once my item is returned?

Your Sales Representative will create a credit request at return. You will receive the credit note once it is processed.

Why am I having problems accessing the checkout?

If you are having problems accessing the checkout or any part of our website, then please get in contact with our Customer Service team straight away so we can fix this for you.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page.

Do you test on animals?

By law animal testing is prohibited. Therefore, we do not test on animals.